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Equipment Troubleshooting FAQ's

While we are always happy to answer your questions, or schedule a visit from our Trained Service Technician, the following may help you solve simple issues and keep your machine operating at it's peak.

My machine just stopped working correctly, what could be wrong? 
This may be a problem that requires service by a technician, but sometimes it can be as simple as the machine being unplugged or turned off, or a door may need to be shut.  Check these items first.   Shutting down your machine by turning off the auxiliary power (located on the display panel) and  the main power switch (often found on the back of the machines or inside the front cover) can clear the machine and get you back up & running.

I am getting lines on my copies, but only when using the document feeder? 
This can commonly be fixed by cleaning the scan glass.  The scan glass is the narrow strip of glass on the left of the machine (next to the large glass).  The best way to clean this is with rubbing alcohol.

I have paper in my machine, but keep getting the message that if can't detect the size of paper?  This is commonly caused because the guides in the paper drawer have been moved, possibly to change sizes of paper, and they need to be moved to the exact size of paper (snugged up to the paper).  When the guides are in the correct place, it should begin recognizing the paper size again.